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dark hole:

Or: dark , the vagina . Dated, 19 th century usage. A shot in the dark , an act of sexual-intercourse with a woman . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: A-hole, arsehole, Blackout Romeo, blue handkerchief, braille party, butthole, cave of harmony, comprehensive physician, dark, dark hole, external urinary meatus, eye-hole, fuckhole, geegee (hole), gigi (hole), hole, holy-of-holies, light meat, made up like Faust, meatus, meatus urinarius, north pole, nychtophobia, nyctohylophobia, nyctophobia, pimp shades, pimp tints, piss hole, skid marks, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, white meat

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