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1. American slang for mutual oral-sex in the sixty-nine or 69 position .
Synonyms: double marriage ; flip-flop ; head-over-heels-(in-love) ; loop-de-loop ; (play) hoop-snake(s) ; p's-and-q's ; six-to-nine ; sixty-nine ; 69 ; soixante-neuf (French); vice-versa .
See also: catch-a-sixty-nine ; dinner-beneath-the-bridge ; linguistic-exercise ; route-sixty-nine ; thirty-nine .

Quote: Gay dictum: 'Two heads are better than buns' .

2. An act of mutual oral-sex in the 69 position .

3. Two bouts of sexual-intercourse in the same day; back to back sex .

See Also: 6-2-9, 6-to-9, bread buttered on both sides, DINKS, double dong, double dude, double fire, double fuck, double payment, double wedding, DPP, flip-flop, fork and spoon, give a double-O, halvsies, head over heels (in love), heads and tails, hoop snake(s), loop-de-loop, loop-the-loop, love seat, O.O, p's and q's, play hoop snake(s), playing hoopsnake, six-to-nine, soixante-neuf, vice versa

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