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dressed to the teeth:

Fancily dressed from head to foot .
Synonyms: (all) gussied up ; (all) dolled-up ; dressed-to-kill ; dressed-to-the-nines .
See Also: adolescentilism, advertise, agomphathymia, all diked out, back teeth are afloat, back teeth are floating, bare brisket, batcaver, bayot, behavioral transsexualism, Betty shits her dress, bones, boudoir photo, brush one's teeth, Bunny Girl, burka, chador, chatterers, chewers, chompers, choppers, clobber up, cockbiter, cocksucker's teeth, cogs, Cosmo Girl, crockery, cross-dressing, crunchers, dandy, decolletage, dentals, dentures, diked out, doll up, dolled up, dolly-looking, dominos, drag, drag hustler, drag party, Dresden china, dress to the right (or to the left), dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, dressed to the teeth, eating tackle, fangs, flash of light, fly, G'd up, girlcam, give pearls, glitterbag, Goth, gravestones, grill, grinders, gussy up, headrails, hippy-witch, in drag, inside-out strip, ivories, laughing tackle, leather dyke, Line of Jewels, lispers, masticators, mouth falsies, munchers, Nora Naugahide, nutcrackers, pearlies, pearly gates, peg puff, pegs, phizgig, picket fence, pickets, pimped down, Playboy Bunny, pronoun reversal, rattlers, root dyke, screaming queen, tombstones, toothy pegs, trannying, transvest, transvestic fetishism, transvestism, transvestitism, tusks, TV discipline, uppers and beneath

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