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early door:

Obsolete, 19 th century Cockney rhyming slang based on the rhyme with whore . See prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of front door work, anal collar, B.B., back door, BDTs, beefsteak, being pinned, bit of front door work, breakfast nook, butch-fluff, closed swinging, come-drum, dance the matrimonial polka, dipped his pen in the office ink, Dutch cap, female phallus, Florentine girdle, French marbles, Frenchified potatoes, gay chicken, health vibrator, hot-pillow joint, iron hoof, ITA, ivory pearl, ladies college, Lavender Menace, Malthus caps, notch-broad, notch-girl, old ball game, piss call, piss fat, piss hard-on, Playboys Playmate, pox doctor, prang, prevenception, red sister, rumble seat, sardine, tampered with, tradesmens entrance, tweeny, twent, twinkboner, Venerean mirth, whore's milk, workman's entrance

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