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eat meat:

To peform fellatio . See fellatio for synonyms.
See Also: aching for a side of beef, apophallation, autodermatophagia, bad-ass mf, black meat, blind piece, canasta, cannibalism, carnophobia, coprophagist, coprophagy, coprophile, dark meat, dead meat, demands of nature, eat, eat fur pie, eat hair pie, eat muff pie, fed at both ends, fur burger, furburger, goat-throat, groceries, hair burger, jewelry showcase, laundry, light meat, lunch, lunch box, lunchbox, meat, meat axe, meat cleaver, meat dagger, meat market, packet, poundcake, showcase, snackpack, take the meat out, tuna sandwich, uneat, vagetarian, vegetarian, whip whistle, white meat

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