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end pleasure:

Or: end-pleasure , a psychoanalytical term for the emotional gratification and pleasurable release of tension that occurs during the climax of sexual-intercourse , orgasm or ejaculation , as contrasted with the forepleasure experienced during foreplay .
See Also: abdominal abortion, ablutophilia, absolute divorce, actirasty, adolescentilism, algolagnic, algolagnist, algophily, algoterpsia, amatory pleasures, anhedonia, arsenosadism, autoflagellation, automutilation, BFP, boodle, break up, bridle string, bust up, capnogeria, carnal pleasures, cataphilist, cheesy bell-end, coitus delicatus, coproscopist, cum drum, cumdrum, cunniphilemia, deep into leather, defecolagnia, deformity fetishism, dishabillophilia, dolce vita, double dong, double dude, dual dildo, end, end pleasure, for love, fore-pleasure, girdler, grill, grunter, heavy leather, heavy petting, hedonism, hedonist, hedonistic, hedonophobia, hubba-hubba, jollies, jollification, love's fruits, mixoscopia, mixoscopia bestialis, nonprocreative sex, panty pisser, sex toys, starter marriage, telophile, telophilia, thlipsophilist, thlipsosis, vaginal orgasm, Voluptas, voluptas sexualis, voluptas veneris, voluptus carne, w/e, yellow, zoolagnia, zoosadism

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