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exotic dancer:

From the 1950s onward, a stripper .
Synonyms: bumper ; ecdysiast ; kootch-dancer ; nude dancer; peeler ; slinger ; strip ; stripper ; strippo ; stripster ; stripteaser ; striptease-artist ; teaser ; torso-tosser ; tosser ; uncover-girl ; weaver .
See also: cement-mixer ; fishbowl-dancer ; grinder .
See Also: air dance, bellyrina, bikini bar, bizotic, bottomless, bottomless bar, bumper, chorus girl, coocher, dodas, ecdysiast, exotic dancer, fan dancer, house girl, inside-out strip, K-Mart crowd, kootch dancer, nude bar, peeler, pony, sizzler, slinger, strip, stripper, strippo, stripster, striptease artist, stripteaser, teaser, topless, topless bar, torso-tosser, tosser, uncover girl, weaver

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