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flip the bird:

To make a contemptuous gesture by raising the middle-finger on a closed fist. This gesture means: Up yours! Take it in the ass! Sometimes accomplanied by the phrases: ' Sit on it and spin ' ( Pontiac Moon . 1994) or: ' Sit on it and rotate ' ( Down Periscope . 1998).
Synonyms: give-someone-the-finger ; throw-a-bird ; the bird ; big-bird .
See also: digitus-infamis ; fig ; fico .
See Also: avisodomy, bird, bird's eggs, bird's nest, catch a bird, cathouse cutie, cop a bird, cop a joint, cuddle doves, digitus infamis, faygeleh, fegelah, feygelah, flip it around, flip it off, flip off, flip oneself off, give someone the bird, give someone the finger, grab a bird, grab a hot one, middle finger salute, perch, screamplay, steal a bird, tender chick, throw a bird

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