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frenulum preputii:

A fibrous cord of connecting tissue on the underside of the penis just behind the glans , connecting the glans with the foreskin .
Etymology: From the Latin fraenulum meaning little bridle.
Synonyms: banjo-string ; bobstay ; frenulum (of the penis); frenum-(of-the-penis) ; fraenum-(of-the-penis) ; frenum of the prepuce ; G-string ; Tarzan-chord .
See Also: banjo string, bobstay, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum breve, frenulum laborium, frenulum of the labia, frenulum of the penis, frenulum of the tongue, frenum (of the penis), frenum of the clitoris, G-string, lingual frenum, Tarzan chord

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