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Oral sex on the penis (fellation) or the vulva (cunnilinction), derived from the association of the French people with oral-sex . See fellatio and cunnilingus for synonyms.
See Also: 6-2-9, 6-to-9, Abélard, accouchement, accoucheur, accoucheuse, accoutrements, acousticophilia, affaire d'amour, affaire d'honneur, affaire de coeur, Alphonse, amour, amour fou, amour propre, amour socratique, amourette, artillerie de Cupidon, artillerie de Venus, artist, artiste, arts, au naturel, baggage, balanotage, baume de vie, bawd, beast with two backs, beguin, belle chose, bienfaiteur, Bluebeard, bon vivant, bordel, bordello, brassiere, bullets, caca, cache-sexe, Cadbury cul-de-sac, Canuck, capote allemande, capote anglaise, Carvel's ring, cassolette, charver, chat, chaud, chaver, cherchez la femme, coitus à la vache, coitus interruptus, conjugate, consolateur, coquette, coronal extender, corset, couch, coup de foudre, crap, crapper, Creole, croupade, cuckold, cuissade, cullion, culo, cultured, cultures, cunt pensioner, dame de voyage, danse du ventre, daughter of joy, decolletage, delire du toucher, demi-vierge, derriere, derrieroscopia, die, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, dolce vita, double wedding, enceinte, English malady, eonism, fellator, femoke, fesses, fille de joie, fille de nuit, foot, fork and spoon, fourchette, Fourex, foutering, Fr, Fr act, Fr pas, Fr/A, Fr/P, French, French ache(s), French art(s), French article, French crown, French culture(s), French disease, French dressing, French fare, French fever, French goods, French gout, French kiss, French kissing, French measles, French pig, French pox, French prints, French sex, French stuff, French tickler, French tricks, French way, French-fried ice cream, frenchified, Frenchified potatoes, Frenching, Frenchy, frog, frog legs, futter, gam, gamahuche, gamb, gams, Gardyloo!, gig, gleet, godemiche, goo it, grand passion, the, grande horizontale, grande passion, grisette, halvsies, Hans Carvel's ring, harlot, harridan, heads and tails, horizontal, jiggle and jog, John Thomas, jump off/out at..., jus primae noctis, kaka, lécheur, lécheuse, la belle chose, lecherous, lingerie, little tongue sushi, loins, loop-de-loop, lupanar, mack, mackerel, Mademoizook, maison de joie, maison de tolérance, make love, make the beast with two backs, making the beast with two backs, mal d'amour, maladie anglaise, malady of France, marrons, matinee, a, mojo, Morbus Gallicus, mort douce, mouth love, mouthlove, nymphe du pavé, oeillade, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral titillation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, overcoat, papillon d'amour, petticoat merchant, petticoat pensioner, pimp, play tonsil hockey, playing hoopsnake, ponce, poof, poofta(h), poofter, poontang, poove, poule de luxe, praline, princesse lointaine, pulling out, putage, putain, quicunque vult, redingote d'Angleterre, right of the first night, roploplos, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, sex antagonism, six à neuf, soixante-neuf, spit swapping, stunner, suck face, swab the tonsils, swaffonder, swap spit, swapping spit, swassonder, sweet-scented hole, syphilis, tantaleur, tantaleuse, tete-a-tete, tetons, ticklers, tip the velvet, toilet, tongue kiss, tongue sushi, tonsil swab, touche pipi, Trois, Les, urolagnia, vache, venereal disease, veuve poignet, vice allemand, vice anglais, vive la différence, voyeuse, way, wear, wet kissing, withdrawal method, Yankee heaven, zouzoune

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