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friend has come:

My / one's friend ..., the menstrual period has started. See menstruation for synonyms.
See Also: Accu-Jac, acomovulvate, AFOAF, amicus, anorchid, Batman and Robin, beat one's time, Billy No Mates, blah-faced, bosom buddy, chappie, chum, cocker, companion, enosiophobia, fam, friend has come, girlish, homegirl, homey, homo-lover, homy, just good friends, lard ass, leggy, limp-wristed, linguistic cross-dressing, long-haired chum, luvvy, on the razzle, palsies, palsy-walsy, philogynist, pink tea, pronoun reversal, rent-a-body business, riding in another mans saddle, roll-dog, scrotal, sexual detrition, smudger, studly, teated, teretophallic, tisket a-tasket, true confession

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