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get laid:

To have sexual-intercourse . Also spelled: get-layed . See copulation for synonyms.


(1) Dorothy Parker: ' If all the girls at the Yale Prom were laid end to end , I wouldn't be at all surprised .'

(2) Michael (Jeff Goldblum) in The Big Chill (1983): ' I believe in the old theory that everybody does everything in order to get laid .'

(3) Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) and Manolo (Nick Corri) in Gotcha! (1985):
-- Jonathan Moore: ' It's hopeless, Manolo, I'm never going to get laid .'
-- Manolo: ' Although that thought may be of great comfort to the women of the world , Mr. Moore, as a future veterinarian, you should know that every dog eventually has his day .'

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