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give her one:

Of a male, to copulate (with) a woman . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: Adam, agynophelymity, airborne copulation, auto-fisting, backs against the wall!, backs to the wall chaps!, bat one's eyes at, Big Foot Joe, big T, the, Bihari procedure, biparous, bitch-queen, Bite of the Boar, blow hot and cold, body's captain, Brummagem buttons, canoodler, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, cock-a-fanny, cotquean, cry baby, dear one, debauchee, delivery room, drape queen, drop a pup, drop one's cookies, drop the plate, dropping a pup, fam, fico, finger, flirty, forest, gender roles, genitomorphism, get a lot of house, get a shot of leg, give a come-hither look, give a double-O, give some sugar, give someone some sugar, give someone the shaft, give the fig, give the reckless eyeball, give up your face, hairy banana, hood bondage, ipserotic, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, lecher, lecherous, Line of Jewels, love favor, love philter, love potion, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, make goo-goo eyes, palpitators, panties, Patess, philter, red-assed, set eyes on, Spanish fly, suck off, sweating phenomenon, swing low, ten, teratophobia, throw a bird, tip out, tongue somebody out, traveler's aid, tripsolagnia, voluptuary, weak sister, write out a check, Wunderorgasmusmaschine

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