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give someone the works:

1. To perform copulation to or with someone. See copulation for synonyms.

2. To kiss someone. See kiss for synonyms.

Quote: Vantine (Jean Harlow) asking Dennis Carson (Clark Gable) for a goodbye kiss in Red Dust (1932): ' Gee, Dennis, I don't want any ceremony but turn around and give me the works .'

See Also: afternoon gig, agynophelymity, bankside lady, bat one's eyes at, big T, the, biparous, blow hot and cold, bremelo, Brummagem buttons, canoodler, chicken rancher, cry baby, daytimer, delivery room, drape queen, drive one's hos, drop a pup, dropping a pup, fico, gender roles, genitomorphism, get a lot of house, get a shot of leg, get it together, give a come-hither look, give a double-O, give some sugar, give someone some sugar, give someone the shaft, give someone the works, give the once over, give the reckless eyeball, give up your face, hawk one's brown, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, head cook and bottle washer, high forehead, Line of Jewels, live by the trade, love favor, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, make goo-goo eyes, night job, ownio, palpitators, panel worker, Patess, peddle one's ass, peddle one's butt, peddle one's hips, peddle one's meat, peddle one's wares, peddle pussy, put the chill on someone, receding hairline, red-assed, street trick, suck off, sweating phenomenon, swing low, tampered with, teratophobia, throw a bird, tip out, traveler's aid, trick suit, trod the boards, trod the planks, turn someone on, turn someone out, untried, walk the pavement, walking the street(s), weak sister, work from the book, work one's ass off, work the cuts, working inside, working outside, working the bricks, working the street(s), working woman, write out a check, Wunderorgasmusmaschine

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