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1. Or: gold-miner , a young woman seeking or attaching herself to a rich and/or powerful older man (or sugar-daddy) who will support her; one seeking money and expensive gifts from wealthy, usually older, men. A term popular in the 1920-40s; now dated.
Synonyms: big-game-hunter ; demimondaine ; digger ; diamond-digger ; gigolette ; girl-on-the-gold-standard ; gold-miner ; jewel-coaxer ; pocket-twister ; prospector .


(1) Frisco Doll/Rose Carlton (Mae West) in Klondike Annie (1936): ' A gold rush is what happens when a line of chorus-girls spot a man with a bankroll .'

(2) Stan (Stan Laurel) to Mary Roberts (Rosina Lawrence) whom has inherited a gold-mine in Way Out West (1937): ' Now that you've got the mine, I'll bet you'll be a swell gold digger .'

2. Young gay male seeking to seduce an older, wealthy man to support him. Synonym: antique-dealer .

See Also: antique dealer, big game hunter, boudoir bandit, chiselette, chiseling cutie, demimondaine, diamond-digger, digger, girl on the gold standard, gold-digger, gold-miner, Vagina Littlefinger

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