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Odd, crazy; dull-witted; by extension, crazy with love ; insanely in-love . S/He's gone goofy . To go goofy , to fall in-love . See love for synonyms.

Quote: Blackie Norton (Clark Gable) in-love-with Mary Blake (Jeanette MacDonald) in San Francisco (1936): ' I never thought I'd be so goofy-about anyone! '

See Also: gooey about, goofy, goofy about

Quotes Containing goofy:
Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal) and Jessica Gatling Tate (Katherine Helmond) confusing Plato (the Greek philosopher) with Pluto (thecartoon dog) in the TV series Soap (1977): - Jodie: ''Plato was gay .'' - Jessica: ''Mickey Mouse''s dog was gay?!'' - Jodie: ''Goofy was his lover .''

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