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have hot nuts:

To be lustful ; to feel horny , said of males. See horny for synonyms.
See Also: acomovulvate, alamo!, anorchid, appetence, appetency, appetite, ardor veneris, BBQ'N, blah-faced, blue balls, blueballs, brand, bust one's gut, carnal desire, chaud, de-ball, enosiophobia, fag mag, fervent, fervid, girlish, grab a bird, hot, hot bot, hot flash, hot flush, hot for, hot item, hot nuts, hot nuts for, hot rocks, hot rod it, hot-panted woman, lard ass, leggy, limp-wristed, love nuts, nutcrackers, on the razzle, passionate, riding in another mans saddle, scrotal, sex number, studly, teated, teretophallic, utsnay

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