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have it hard:

To be passionately infatuated ; to be head-over-heels in-love . See love for synonyms.
See Also: acomovulvate, Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, anorchid, as the actress said to the bishop, blah-faced, blobs, broken balls, brown trout, butt dumpling, diddley-poo, donkey-dicked, donkey-rigged, enosiophobia, girlish, grind it, grind one's tool, half-mast, hand labor, hard breathing, hardcore, jawbreaker, lard ass, leggy, limp-wristed, on the razzle, play with oneself, playing with oneself, riding in another mans saddle, scrotal, set one's cap for, shrubbery, spot hard breathing, a, studly, teated, teretophallic, THO, titty hard-on, tough shit!, tough titties!, wide-on, work one's ass off

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