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house of pleasure:

A house-of-prostitution . See brothel for synonyms.
See Also: ablutophilia, accommodation house, actirasty, adolescentilism, algolagnic, algolagnist, algophily, algoterpsia, amatory pleasures, anhedonia, Animal House, arsenosadism, assignation house, autoflagellation, automutilation, band-box, band-house, bat house, Bathsheba, bawd's house, bed house, benny house, BFP, bodikin, bordello, boy's smoking house, braille party, brothel-house, bull-ring clamp, butch-school, cake-shop, call joint, capnogeria, carnal pleasures, casa, cataphilist, cathouse bird, cathouse cutie, cavaulting school, child pornography laws, chippie house, chippie joint, chippy-house, chippy-joint, coffee house, coffee shop, coitus delicatus, coproscopist, cow yard, cow-bag, creep-joint, crib district, cunniphilemia, custom-house, deed, defecolagnia, deformity fetishism, dishabillophilia, disorderly house, dive, dolce vita, doss, doss house, fag factory, family hotel, flash crib, flash panny, fleabag, fleshpot, flophouse, flower house, for love, fore-pleasure, fuck-house, full hand, gentoo house, geography, get a lot of house, girdler, give a lot of house, goosing ranch, goosing slum, grunter, hardware shop, heavy petting, hedonism, hedonist, hedonistic, hedonophobia, hook joint, hook shop, hot hole, hot house, house, house in the suburbs, house of all nations, house of call, house of civil reception, house of convenience, house of delight, house of enjoyment, house of fame, house of ill delight, house of ill fame, house of ill repute, house of joy, house of lewdness, house of pleasure, house of profession, house of prostitution, house of sale, house of shame, house of sin, house of tolerance, house of vulgar resort, hubba-hubba, immoral house, jag house, jollies, jollification, knocking-house, knocking-joint, knocking-shop, lewd house, loose-love center, love's fruits, maison de joie, meat factory, mixoscopia, mixoscopia bestialis, moll house, molly house, molly shop, mother damnable, nautch house, nautch joint, nonprocreative sex, notch house, notch joint, onery house, Our lady of the vapor(s), panty pisser, pheasantry, pig room, play center, poontang palace, public house, pussy palace, red lighterie, red scatter, red-light, red-light house, scatter, seraglietto, service station, sex toys, shooting gallery, shouse, sink of iniquity, slut hut, smoongy, snake ranch, snuggling-ken, spoiling house, sporting house, stew(s), sugar hill, telephone house, telophile, telophilia, temple of love, Temple of Venus, thlipsophilist, thlipsosis, trugging ken, vaginal orgasm, Vaseline Villa, Voluptas, voluptas sexualis, voluptas veneris, voluptus carne, walk-up, wank house, warm shop, whore-shop, whoremistress, women's house, zoo, zoolagnia, zoosadism

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