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house prostitute:

Prostitute who works in a house-of-prostitution , in distinction to a call-girl (working out of her own apartment) or a streetwalker . See prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: 40-5, a bit of mess, academician, accommodation house, amasius, amateur, Animal House, anonyma, ass-seller, assignation house, baby owl, baby pro, band-box, band-house, bankside lady, bar hustler, barnacle, bat house, Bathsheba, bawd's house, beat moll, bed faggot, bed house, bed sister, beefsteak, belly-piece, benny house, bimmy, bloss, blouze, blouzette, blower, bludget, board lodger, bodikin, boo-boo head, book-keeper, bordello, boss-trick, boy's smoking house, braille party, brothel, brothel-house, brothel-keeping, bull-ring clamp, bum worker, bush scrubber, butch-school, cake-shop, calico queen, call house, call joint, casa, case vrow, cast the net, cat flat, cathouse bird, cathouse cutie, cavaulting school, charvering donna, chauvering donna, chauvering moll, chicken rancher, child of Venus, child pornography laws, chippie house, chippie joint, chippy-house, chippy-joint, cock hoist, coffee house, coffee shop, cold biscuit, college girl, columbine, comfort woman, commercial beaver, commercial trade, common carrier, common jack, common maid, common sewer, common tart, common woman, company girl(s), conciliatrix, convenience girl, country-club girl, covers the waterfront, covess-dinge, cow baby, cow yard, cow-bag, cowboy, crack saleslady, creature of sales, creep house, creep-joint, crib, crib district, croshabelle, cross girl, CSW, cum-gargling fucker, cunt for hire, curb crawler, custom-house, cyprieunia, daughter of joy, daughter of the game, daytimer, dead picker, dick money, disorderly house, dive, doe, dog woman, dog-lady, doss, doss house, dress for sale, driggle-draggle, dusty butt, easy virgin, easy virtue, endless belt, erring sister, escort agency, escort service, fag factory, family hotel, fancy piece, fast fanny, fen, fille de joie, fille de nuit, fishmongers daughter, flash crib, flash panny, flash tail, flash woman, fleabag, Flirtina Cop-all, flophouse, flower house, foreskin hunter, frail sisterhood, free holder, French article, frequent flyer, fresh stock, fuck-house, fuckstress, full hand, game pullet, gay girl, gay house, gay in the legs, gay woman, gazupie, gentoo, gentoo house, get a lot of house, girl at ease, girl below the line, girl on the turf, give a lot of house, glue neck, go below 14 th Street, goosing ranch, goosing slum, grande horizontale, grunter, guinea hen, gutter slut, half brass, hard-leg (whore), hardware shop, hedge whore, hedge-creeper, hip flipper, hip peddler, hook, hook house, hook joint, hook shop, hoowah, hostess, hot beef, hot hole, hot house, hotel hotsy, hotsy, house, house in the suburbs, house of all nations, house of call, house of civil reception, house of convenience, house of delight, house of enjoyment, house of fame, house of ill delight, house of ill fame, house of ill repute, house of joy, house of lewdness, house of pleasure, house of profession, house of prostitution, house of sale, house of shame, house of sin, house of tolerance, house of vulgar resort, house prostitute, hum-yum girl, hurry whore, hustling hussy, immoral girl, immoral house, jack roller, jag house, jagabat, joy girl, K.P., kelsey, kid-leather, knocking-house, knocking-joint, knocking-shop, KP, ladies of accommodating morals, ladies of the scarlet sisterhood, ladies of the street(s), lady for hire, lady of a certain description, lady of expansive sensibility, lady of leisure, lady of no virtue, lady of pleasure, lady of the evening, lady of the night, lady of the stage, lady of the town, ladybird, lewd house, lewd woman, lick-spigot, light lady, light woman, lingerie lass, lobby lizzie, long date, loose-love center, loose-love lady, lost lady, low girl, low rent, lowie, maison de joie, market prices, Mastercard Mary, mawk, mawker, meat factory, member of the oldest profession, Midnight cowboy, moll house, mollisher, molly house, molly shop, moonlighter, mother damnable, mouth-whore, muff merchant, mush worker, naughty girl, naughty lady, nautch broad, nautch girl, nautch house, nautch joint, needle-woman, niggler, night piece, night poacher, night trader, night walker, night-bird, night-hunter, night-jobber, night-snap, nighthawk, nockstress, nocturne, notch house, notch joint, notch-broad, notch-girl, nun, nymph of darkness, nymph of delight, nymph of the pavement, onery house, Oom Paul, Our lady of the vapor(s), owl, paid lover, painted lady, painted woman, panel, panel house, panel worker, pheasantry, picker-up, piece of trade, pig room, pinch-prick, piper's wife, play center, pleasure lady, pleasure merchant, plover, polecat, poontang palace, pornolagnia, prick-climber, princess of the pavement, pro-baller, pross, prossie, prosso, prossy, prosti-cutie, prostie, prostituta, prostitutke, prosty, prozzy, public house, pug, punch house, punchable nun, pussy palace, pussy posse, putain, putana, puttock, Q.T. cutie, quiet mouse, ragtime girl, rattlesnake, red lighterie, red scatter, red sister, red-light, red-light house, rent girl, roller, sailor's bait, sailor's delight, saleslady, sardine, scarlet letter girls, scatter, seraglietto, service station, sex care provider, sex industry worker, sex worker, sexploiter, shooting gallery, short-time girl, shouse, Sidewalk Suzie, sin girl, sin sister, sink of iniquity, sister of the night, sister-of-charity, sister-of-mercy, sisters of the bank, skunk, slut hut, smoongy, snake ranch, snatch peddler, snuggling-ken, sorting girl, spoiling house, sporting girl, sporting house, sporting woman, stem siren, stew(s), street trick, street-sister, sugar hill, sweetmeat, tail peddler, tailist, tank, tartlet, teeny hooker, telephone house, temple of love, Temple of Venus, ten-o'clock girl, tender parnel, tenderloin madam, thoroughbred, three-way girl, thrill dame, toll-hole, torn, trat, trick baby, trick book, trick pad, trick suit, trick-babe, tricking broad, trickster, trill, trillbye, trip, trugging house, trugging ken, twat peddler, twigger, two-bit Sadie, unfortunate woman, Vaseline Villa, vent-renter, venturer, vice sister, walk-up, wank house, wanton woman, wapping deli, wapping-mort, warm one, warm shop, warrior, whisker, whoopie wench, whore-bitch, whore-shop, whorelet, whoremistress, window girl, window-tapper, woman of pleasure, woman of the night, women's house, wop shop, word freak, working broad, working chick, working woman, wren, zoo, zook

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