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human nature:

Humorously defined by Frederic Mullally in The Penthouse Sexicon (1968) as: ' The classic excuse for behaving like animals .'
See Also: abbess, abominable and detestable crime against nature, abominable crime against nature, anthropophagus, anthropophobia, barkers, blue joke, blueness, cannibalism, clapper, crurormia, defecation, desire stage, detestable crime against nature, dish dirt, dogs, frame, haunch, HGM, Homo sapiens, hoofs, hyphephilia, in puris naturalibus, itch mite, loving-kindness, mankind, mother nature calls, naked, night soil, pedal extremities, philantropy, pitch woo, pups, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies mite, self-disclosure, sociobiology, state of nature, take liberties with someone, tootsies, trotters, turns, the, urination, wanking spanners, yin, zoophallia, zoophallist, zoorast

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