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human scabies:

1. Or: scabies-mite / itch-mite , common name for Sarcoptes-scabiei-(hominis) , an itch-mite (tiny insect) a parasite of the Arachnida class. The female mite burrows, resides, and reproduces in human skin causing scabies . Burrows are usually found between the fingers, around the genitals , on the wrists or buttocks , and under the arms. The scabies-mite can move quickly on the surface of the skin , about 1 inch per minute.

2. Or: scabies / scabs , a highly contagious infestation marked by intense itching that is usually more severe at night and caused by an almost invisible itch-mite (Sarcoptes scabiei hominis) that burrows and resides in human skin . Scabies is sometimes spread by sexual or close personal contact, but you can also pick them up by using the same bed linen, clothes, or towels as an infected person; it can spread rapidly among children, family members and roommates. Scabies is similar to pubic-lice with the difference that but the bugs are too small to be seen. TREATMENT: Prescription or over-the-counter creams, lotions, and shampoos (Kwell, RID , Nix). All clothes, bedsheets, combs and other personal articles must be washed or treated since lice can live for over 24 hours once they leave the body.

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