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The tendency to exaggerate the positive characteristics of a loved-one , to over-value or idolize , while at the same time overlooking their imperfections. The phrase ' love is blind ' makes the statement that people in-love tend to idealize their lovers and overlook their faults.


(1) William Shakespeare: ' Love looks not with the eyes , but with the mind / And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind .'

(2) Zouzou (Josephine Baker) in ZouZou (1934): ' All lovers are handsome .'

(3) Lucy Hill (Diana Lynn) in The Major and the Minor (1942): ' Love is a very astigmatic condition .'

(3) Merlin (Nicol Williamson) in Excalibur (1981): ' You're not listening. Your heart is not. Love is deaf as well as blind .'

(4) Divorce lawyer Gavin D'Amato (Danny DeVito) in War of the Roses (1989): ' If love is blind , marriage is like having a stroke .'

(5) Robert Reisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing : ' Love-is-blind with sex in mind, but don't be resigned, it always takes two of a kind .'

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