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kiss the porcelain god:

To vomit perched over the toilet bowl. See vomit for synonyms.
See Also: Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, box tonsils, buss, chuck a slob, deep kiss, exchange spit(s), Frey, give tonsil-lectomy, god of love, Gods revenge on a woman, hang a goober, have some lip action, hot tongue, kisseltoe, lip salute, a, lock lips, love-god, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, neck, pass secrets, play lickey-face, play smacky-lips, smash mouth, smooch, smoodge, smooge, smouge, soul kissing, swap spit, theophobia, throw the tongue, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, tonsil swabbing, tonsil-lectomy, trade spit, tulip sauce, vomit, wet kissing, worship the porcelain goddess, zeusophobia

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