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knob cheese:

Smegma; the cheesy-looking, foul-smelling secretions that collects beneath the foreskin of an unwashed, uncircumcised penis , based on its whitish color, its cheesy look and, in a derogatory sense, its bad smell.

SYNONYMS: bell-cheese ; cheese ; cock-cheese ; cockhead-cheese ; corn-on-the-cob ; cottaage cheese ; dick-butter; dick-dairy ; dick-dolcenatte ; fumenda-cheese ; head-cheese (headcheese); helmet-halva ; pecker-cheese ; smentana ; willy-wensleydale .

See Also: bell cheese, cheese, cock cheese, cockhead cheese, corn on the cob, cottage cheese, cunnifungus, dick butter, dick dolcenatte, dick-dairy, dual dildo, fumenda cheese, headcheese, joyknob, knob cheese, knobster, nobs, rag cheese, smegma, smentana

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