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naked sin:

In Renaissance literature, a euphemism for sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: Adam and Eves togs, Adam-like, adamatical, adamic, adamical, adamism, Adams PJs, air one's pores, angel's suit, apodysophilia, as God made one, au naturel, ballock-naked, ballocky, bare, bare-ass, bare-assed, bare-naked (and in the flesh), bare-skin, bare-skinned, bared, be in a state of nature, be in a state of undress, birth-naked, bollock-naked, bollocky-starkers, buck naked, buff leather, buff skin, buff-bare, butt-naked (and in the flesh), Cui peccare licet peccat minus, disrobed, divested, enosiophobia, exposed, full frontal, full monty, gym, gymnasium, hamartophobia, in a natural state, in a state of nature, in a state of undress, in buff, in cuerpo, in nature's garb, in nothing but a fig leaf, in one's pelt, in puris naturalibus, in stag, in the altogether, in the buff, in the natural, in the nip, in the noddle, in the noodie, in the nuddie, in the nude, in the raw, in the skin, laid to the natural bone, leafless, let's Adam-and-Eve it, mother-naked, naked, naked as a jaybird, native buff, natures garb, near-buff, necked, not a stitch on, nuddy, nude, nudy, on the shallows, peccatiphobia, peeled, practice nudism, Qui dormit, non peccat, raw, showing your form, sin, skuddy, sky-clad, stark ballock naked, stark ballux, stark bone naked, stark born naked, stark naked, starkers, starko, state of nature, state of undress, threadbare, topless, unclad, uncovered, undraped, undressed, wearing a birthday suit, wearing nothing but a smile, wearing one's birthday suit, wearing one's Sunday suit, wearing only a smile, wearing only what mother nature provided, wholly naked, with nothing on, without a stitch (on)

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