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night work:

Euphemism for:

1. Sexual intercourse or sexual and romantic activities, especially when performed at night. See copulation for synonyms.

2. Or: night-job , prostitution . See prostitution for synonyms.

See Also: afternoon gig, all-night man, all-night movie, all-night trick, all-nighter, alley cat, bach night, bachelor night, back-door work, bankside lady, batch night, blood of the first night, boner nochy, break luck, breaking luck, bremelo, camel night, chicken rancher, coitus nocturnus, crush hour, the, darksetting, daytimer, distaff, drive one's hos, droit du seigneur, female impersonator, fille de nuit, floor show, get it together, get-down time, git-down time, have a wet dream, hawk one's brown, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, head cook and bottle washer, high forehead, house prostitute, jus primae noctis, live by the trade, night baseball, night exercise(s), night games, night job, night poacher, night stick, night trader, night work, night-bird, night-hunter, night-snap, nockstress, noctiphobia, nocturne, nychtophobia, nyctohylophobia, nyctophobia, ownio, panel worker, peddle one's ass, peddle one's butt, peddle one's hips, peddle one's meat, peddle one's wares, peddle pussy, receding hairline, right of the first night, street trick, trick suit, trod the boards, trod the planks, undercover man, vacation, vacationer, walk the pavement, walking the street(s), work a crib, work from the book, work one's ass off, work the cuts, working inside, working late at the office, working outside, working the bricks, working the street(s), working woman

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