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old fashioned way:

In the context of sexual-intercourse , the man-on-top or missionary-position .

SYNONYMS: man-above-position ; man-on-top-position ; mish ; missionary-position ; momma-pappa-position .

See Also: batch, Chinese style, chronologically gifted, codger, coitus variatus, crowie, delo diam, dog style, dog way, dog ways, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, doggy-dancing, Dracula's mother, dusty, gender roles, gerascophobia, gerontophobia, innocent girl, Italian culture, Italian way, jaisy, jelly bag, Lassie fashion, love child, mammalian position, man-above position, more canino, of mature years, offspring of adultery, old bat, old battle-axe, plurisexual, S.O.S., spurious offspring, sunset years, TOD, transfashion

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