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old girl:

1. In England, a humorous or pejorative term of address or reference for a woman of any age .

2. Derogatory gay nickname for an aging , middle-aged or elderly homosexual , especially if effeminate , dainty and gossipy.
SYNONYMS: aging-actress ; aunt ; aunt-Mame ; aunt-Mathilda ; auntie ; chin-strap ; geriatric-set ; Geritol-set ; dirty-old-man ; fallen-star ; grandma ; gray-lady ; grimm's-fairy ; prune-person ; rancid-flower ; soiled-senior-citizen ; wheelchair-set .

QUOTE: Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): ' Youth is the premium in the real world , but it is the criterion in the gay world '.

See Also: advanced in years, aged, agedness, aging actress, albedosynia, alter kocker, anile, anility, ankle-biter, apartment girl, aunt, auntie, auto pimp, B-G, B-girl, babia majora, baby child, bankside lady, batch, beach bunny, beddies, Blackout Romeo, bumps, C-girl, C-lady, calf love, call flat, cherry-merry, chick fancier, chick-a-biddy, chick-pic, chickabiddy, chicken head, chickie, chicklet, chickybabe, chiclet, chin-strap, chronologically gifted, cleft underside, cliner, coddy-moddy, codger, Colt's tooth, cooker, corephallia, corephallism, crinkly, crone, crow, crowie, crumblie, crusher, cuddle and kiss, delo diam, delo nammow, dirty mac brigade, domine do little, Dracula's mother, dusty, eirog, elderliness, elderly, Elvira, face on a stick, fair game, fallen star, fille de joie, fille de nuit, fishtail, flogging cully, frogging cully, fumbler, fuzz face, gerascophobia, geriatric set, Geritol set, gerontophobia, gettng on (in years), girl-crazy, girleen, girlish, glitterbag, grandma, gray lady, grimm's fairy, high postage, hippy-witch, hoydon, ivory pearl, karena, kiddy freak, korephile, little charmer, Lolita, love child, mackadocious, making bishops, mother of pearl, naviculans, nectar, no spring chicken, ocean pearl, of mature years, offspring of adultery, old bat, old battle-axe, old codger, old goat, old hen, old in and out, the, old in-out, the, old man, old one-eye, old queen, old timer, parthenophobia, piss proud, Playboys Playmate, pom-poms, ponce off, pony, pre-woman, prune person, rancid flower, reel in the biscuit, rita, rug rat, S.O.S., scab, scrag, sex bunny, sex kitten, sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, skinz, soiled senior citizen, spinners, spurious offspring, stuff a turkey, sub-deb, sunset years, tail chicken, tender chick, tenderoni, thelyflorescence, TOD, top-diver, trout, twirl, twist and twirl, val, variety artist, virgin airlines, wallet girl, wheelchair set, winds do whirl, work from the book, working woman, wrinkly, Yankee heaven, zebra'd, zimmer, zook

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