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Or: aunty :

1. Derogatory term for an aging , middle-aged or elderly male homosexual , especially if effeminate , dainty and gossipy. Old age starts early in the gay community, around 30.
Synonyms: aging-actress ; aunt ; aunt-Mame ; aunt-Mathilda ; chin-strap ; geriatric-set ; Geritol-set ; dirty-old-man ; fallen-star ; grandma ; gray-lady ; grimm's-fairy ; old-girl (hen, one, thing , queen , queer); prune-person ; rancid-flower ; soiled-senior-citizen ; wheelchair-set .

Quote: Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): ' Youth is the premium in the real world , but it is the criterion in the gay world . '

2. Dated expression for an older prostitute .

3. My auntie has come (to stay or to visit) , to be menstruating. See menstruation for synonyms.

See Also: aging actress, aunt, auntie, chin-strap, fallen star, grandma, grimm's fairy, have one's aunt, menstruation, old hen, old queen, prune person, rancid flower, soiled senior citizen, wheelchair set

Quotes Containing auntie:
Mame Dennis (Rosalind Russell) in Auntie Mame (1958): ''Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.''
Drag queens Noxema/Zima Jackson/Auntie Noxy (Wesley Snipes) and Chichi Rodriquez (John Leguizamo) in To Wong Foo. Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar (1995): - Noxema: ''Darling, if you''re going to become a drag-queen , you''re gonna have to learn these things. '' - Chichi: ''What do you mean ''a drag queen''? I am a drag queen!'' - Noxema: ''Oh, child, no , no , no . You''re simply a boy in a dress. When a straight man puts a dress and gets his sexual kick he is a transvestite ; when a man is a woman trapped in a man''s body and has the little operation he is a transsexual ; (...) when a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag-queen . (...) And when a light little Latin boy puts on a dress he is simply a boy in a dress.'' In the end , they agree to give Chichi the temporary title of ''drag princess .''

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