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Australian active:

The active-partner in Australian-sex .
See Also: active partner, active sodomist, all tits and teeth, anal borer, anal intruder, anal rampooner, anal scientist, ass farmer, ass thrasher, athenian, Australian active, Australian passive, Australian sex, baby vamp, bachelor's life, ball of fire, ball-tearer, bang artist, bangs like a tappet, beastess, beastette, bicycle rider, biscuit-bandit, bit of ass, black in white, blankard, bodyguard, booty-bandit, bottom surgeon, box of assorted creams, brace yourself, Sheila, breezer, broiler, brownie queen, buey, bum-fugger, bunghole bandit, bunny cake, burgler, burn the grass, bush pig, button-loose, cheeks-spreader, chocolate starfish collector, chubblies, climb trees to get away from it, cock-tax, cohabitation, colon-bowler, covers the waterfront, dangerous curve, diddler, do some good for yourself, don the beard, dunny, Ecstasy, eye doctor, fastie, figs, fire-box, fizgig, Fr act, Fr/A, franger, freckle, freewheeling femme, gigsy, giver, go places and do things, gut-stuffer, haricot, Hector's pecking, hip-hitter, hit the deep, hoon, hot back, hot biscuit, hot bot, hot-assed woman, hot-panted woman, hotsy, hotter than a Fourth-of-July hoedown, humper and a pumper, a, hung like a rabbit, It's not the bull they're afraid of, it's the calf, jay, keester-bandit, keister-bandit, knight of the golden grummet, KP, lady hotbot, lust dog, Mad Mick, malee-root, man about town, mapatasi, mason, master-slave, meandering mama, Merry Magdalene, merry-legged, Miss Hotbot, mooners, night-hawk, night-hunter, nimble-hipped, no better than she ought to be, OPAL, pedicator, piss fat, pissaphone, pratt-hunter, pratt-man, prosso, raver, rear specialist, rump-ranger, sex bunny, sex machine, sexer, shagstress, shit stirrer, shouse, silver spoon, slavemaster, slaver, so busy Ive had to put a man on to help, speed-dame, speedster, steamer, step around, step sister, stern chaser, stuffer, swift baby, swiftie, take a turn in the barrel, throttle pit, tom fucker, toss freaks, tribada, tribadus, Turk, tusk, twigger, twot, unbutton the mutton, wear boxer shorts, Wentworth Falls, wheelman, XTacy, XTC, yogurt rifle

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