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The changes that occur normally as people grow older.
See Also: 18 USC 2257, a.k., Abigail, abortion rate, acquaintance rape, adelphepothia, adolescent homosexuality, adult, Adult Verification Service, advancing years, afghan, age, age of consent, age of majority, age segregation, Age Verification Service, aged, agedness, aging actress, alphamegamia, amblyrosis, anisogamia, AoC, aunt, aunt Mame, aunt Mathilda, auntie, autumn of life, AVS, baby butch, baby pro, baggette, baldy, boy fag, boy marriage, bubble-gummer, business boy, caducity, CDT, change of life, cherry ripe, cherry top, chin-strap, chronological age, chronophilia, Cinderella, clap with one hand, coitus sine ejaculatione, come-on boy, coming out, date of menarche, De Sade, declining years, dirty old man, elderliness, elderly, evening of one's days, fallen star, fertility symbols, forbidden fruit, full pudenda, gay old dog, geriatric set, Geritol set, gettng on (in years), golden age, golden years, golden-ager, grandma, gray lady, grimm's fairy, head of the house, horny, hypoactive sexual desire, involutional depression, ish, jail bait, jailhouse pussy, juvenile, lecher, male climacteric, Marquis de Sade, middle-age spread, movie rating system, old girl, old hen, old queen, old thing, one hand clapping, one handed clapping, over the hill, partial pudenda, pebbles, pederastic marriage, pen bait, penis envy, prostate, prune person, puberty, quail, rancid flower, S.Q.Q., senectitude, senescence, senility, sexual detrition, shunamitism, soiled senior citizen, sunset years, sweetmeat, tampered with, teenager, teeny hooker, tenderoni, toxic shock syndrome, TSS, turkey-trotter, twinky, unfuckable, venerable, wheelchair set, white-haired bar, wifey, young enough to slip the gate

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