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1. A man or woman who is fully grown up ; a mature person. In his humorous dictionary published as The Penthouse Sexicon (1968), Frederic Mullally defines:

-- Adult: ' Person who is supposed to know what he or she is doing .'

-- Adulterer: ' Person who does it .'

-- Adultery: ' It .'

2. One who has reached the age-of-majority or legal age , now generally 18 years.
Synonyms: grown; grown-up; mature(d); of age . Antonym: underage(d).

3. A fully developed organism, animal or plant.

4. Gorwn up ; fully developed and mature; mature in age , size, strength, etc.

5. Of or for adult persons only; intended for and restricted to adults. Adult bookstore .

6. Containing sexually-explicit material; dealing with explicitly seuxal material; pornographic . Adult movies .

See Also: a.k., active sexual trauma, adult, adult entertainment center, Adult Verification Service, adulterer, age of majority, Age Verification Service, anaclisis, anaclitism, androzoon, atelia, AVS, baby doll, baby talk, belfa, bib, biff, big jobs, birching, blowzabelle, blue moon, bona roba, boong-moll, boy herder, boy marriage, bronco, bubby circus, buck, ca-ca, cacoethes, Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, capoop, castrato, cavalier, cervical hostility, cherry top, chicken hawk, chicken hunter, chicken kisser, chicken lover, chicken plucker, chicken queen, chicken-fancier, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, consenting adult, coronal extender, defemination, dibucaine hydrochloride, diddley-poo, displaceability of libido, dog's mouth, donovanosis, dookey, ecstasy intoxication, erection maintainer, erection medicine, esurient, feel my pulse, fire water complex, flaming bitch, fornicatory doll, Freudian, funny business, gallop the antelope, ganzabil, gay trade, GIDAANT, globus hystericus, go potty, go to pot, Granuloma inguinale, grump, hebephilia, heliogabalus, hermaphy, homo mollis, hyperaesthesia, infantilism, insomnia sexualis, inunctionism, jintoe, juvenile, kiss-kiss, kneesies, koprolagnia, laid, relayed and parlayed, lamma hutching, laundry, levator vaginae, little jobs, make kissy-face, make licky-face, make smacky-lips, manhood, mankind, marital aids, marital devices, messalina, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, mohuncher, monoclinous, munch, net pornography, nudie, oncer, one-on-one booth, orectic, orgasmus praecox, pederastic marriage, pee-pee, peep show booth, plant a kissy-poo, plushie, poo, pooh, poop, porno, porny, quebrachine, runcible, screaming bitch, screwed, jewed and tattooed, secondary sex characteristics, sex aids, sex toys, sextainment, sexual atelia, shunamitism, sklook, spoffskins, strephon, theroid, titty-oggy, tragalist, up a bone, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, Venus observa feminae, Venus vulgivaga, vita sexualis, woman, X-rated, yakum

Quotes Containing adult:
Roland T. Flakfizor (John Turturro) in Brain Donors (1992): 'Two is company and three is an adult-movie .'

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