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1. To regard with wonder, astonishment, delight, admiration , or pleased approval.
Synonyms: adore ; applaud; appreciate ; approve; be-crazy-about ; be crazy for; be crazy over; be-mad-about ; be-nuts-about ; be-stuck-on ; be-sweet-on ; be wild-about ; cherish ; commend; credit; delight in; esteem; eulogize; extol; fall-for ; get high on ; glorify; go-for ; groove-on ; hail; hold in respect; honor; idolize ; laud; look up to; marvel at; moon-over ; pay homage to; praise; prize; rate highly; regard; respect; revere ; take pleasure in; think highly of; treasure ; value; venerate ; wonder at; worship .

2. To like very much; to hold-dear .

See Also: admirate, adulate, princesse lointaine, sex symbol, think the world of

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