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go for:

To fancy , to be attracted to. See love for synonyms.
See Also: 501s, Abraham, Adam-and-Eveing, adamism, adamite, adore, adventuress, air one's pores, airing her dairy, all bitched up, all the way, Alphonse, answer a call to the warden's office, arm-in-arming, around the world, around the world in eighty ways, ass-tronaut, asshole buddies, ayuga, back teeth are afloat, back teeth are floating, bad, bad girl, barosmia, be on the game, be on the loose, bed down, bed down with, bed someone, bend over, benny, bi, bite me!, bite my weinie, blow me!, boating, body worship, bone, boom-boom, boondocking, bop, broadway broads, brothel, buccal intercourse, buccal onanism, buddy-fuck, bush patrol, butt slammer, buttfuck buddy, Camille, case with, cash a check, caterwauling, check the plumbing, Chew my shorts!, child pornography laws, chloroform, christening, chum, clap, the, clinophobia, clitoral detumescence, closed door, closed swinging, cock-tease, cocktease, coffee house, coffee shop, coitus, coitus in ore, coitus oralis, collect the rent, colt, come, come out, come-hither eyes, coming and going, count ceiling tiles, couple friend, cupiding, curvaceous, curvesome, curvy, date, debauch, defecation, desperation number, detumescence, detumescence of the clitoris, detumescence of the penis, devil, dikey, dirty weekend, displaying her charms, dissa and datta, dissipated, dive a muff, divorce, doo-doo, doodle, dose of clap, dose of the clap, double date, down, drabbing, drag queen, dripping for it, dueting, dykey, excuse oneself from the table, F-word, fanny, far gone, feed the dog, female orgasmic dysfunction, fig, find a haven of refuge, find a haven of rest, fire the question, first base, flash drag, flashing her charms, flirt, flyer, foreplay, Fort Bushy, foutering, frigging, frigidity, fuck off, fundament, funniment, gammon flaps, gammon goalposts, gay, get horizontal, get laid, get naked, get off, get over the mountain, get the rent, girlie, go all the way, go and sing Sweet Violets, go around the world in eighty ways, go around with, go commando, go doddling, go doodling, go down, go down on (someone), go down route sixty-nine, go feed the goldfish, go fishing, go for in a big way, go for in a great big way, go for in large helpings, go Hollywood, go in a big way for, go in unto, go into one's private office, go into retreat, go on the game, go out with, go potty, go see, go steady, go stinky, go tap a kidney, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, go tiki, go to Egypt, go to pot, go to the bank, go to the can, go to the crapper, go to the dunnee, go upstairs, go with, goer, going down (like a submarine), going on bush patrol, goo-goo eye, goofy, grease the wheel, grit, half-virgin, halvsies, have a little death, have a reputation, heads and tails, heaven, heed nature's call, hepatitis C, Hershey highway, heterosexism, hip chick, hips, lips and armpits, hit on (someone), hit the sack with, hit the sheets, home base, home plate, home run, horn-dog, hurl, in love, jaihouse turnout, jerk off, Johnny Queen, Kinsey Report, kip, labiate, laid, leather film, libido, limit, little death, little man, log in, loose, love interest, lovely, madonna-whore syndrome, make a move on, make a pass at, man-and-womanizing, masturbation-male, matchrupcy, menschkite, minx, Mister Poky, mouth love, mouth-genital sex, mouthlove, naf, old dirt road, old dose, oldest profession, oldest trade, on the bash, on the game, on the loose, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orgasm, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, out-call, pack some mud, packing mud, panderage, pandering, panderism, pay a visit to the old soldier's home, pay the water bill, penile detumescence, pickup line, place of sixpence sinfulness, place of sixpenny sinfulness, playgirl, playing hoopsnake, poon hunting, pop the question, powder one's nose, powder ones puff, practice nudism, pregnant, premature ejaculator, privates, professional, professional woman, promiscuous, prostitute-versus-madonna syndrome, pussycat, put the devil into hell, put the make on someone, put the moves on someone, rejection, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, retreat to one's sanctum sanctorium, retreat to the holy of holies, road, rock and roll, route 69, route sixty-nine, RR, Rural Route, sack chaser, Scarlet Harlot, screw around, second base, second highest duty calls, the, see a dog about a man, see a man about a dog, see one's aunt, see one's auntie, sex, sex appealing, sex drive, sex life, sexual asphyxia, sexual intercourse, sexual object, sexual relations, sexually appealing, shitty, shrubbery, simulsex, sin, sky-clad, sloppy seconds, soixante-neuf, sparking, sporting her blubbers, square up, stepper, stepping out, stinky, sweethearting, swelling, table-for-twoing, take a legal piss, take a trip around the world (in eighty ways), take an Irish shave, tell a French joke, temptation, third base, three F's, thrill, titillation, titty-oggy, toilet queen, travel down route sixty-nine, travel route sixty-nine, trick day, trick night, unwell, urination, vagina, vampire run, visit Miss Murphy, visit Mrs. Jones, visit the chamber of commerce, visit the loo, visit the potty, visit the Widow Jones, vomit [DEF[, wank-pit, wear the drag, wet noodle, whank-pit, whither-go-ye, whole, worship at the altar, write out a check, yo-yo knickers, yoyo

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