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one-legged race:

Jocular metaphor for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: ace queen, Adam, allotriorasty, baby-split, bacon and eggs, bloomers, brother, butter and cheesecake, callicnemic, cnemopalmia, cnemoscopy, coitus miscegenatus, cookie crumbs, cross-legged, crurocentric, crurophilous, crurormia, depilation, Dutch pegs, gains, gamb, gape, get a shot of leg, ham and eggs, Irish legs, lallies, leg, leg man, leg restraint, leggy, lift a leg, limb, mankind, mumbley pegs, Mystic Megs, pegs, pillars to the temple, pins, pubic area, pulse accelerator, pulse upperer, sexciting, stems, syntribadism, syntribate, tibiocontrectation, wooden pegs, X-legged

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