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one-night stand:

Or: one-nighter :

1. A casual sexual encounter limited to a single occasion.

2. A person who has such an encounter.

3. In the performing arts , a performance in a town, club or theater for one evening only.

See Also: adult bookshop, all-nighter, bach night, bachelor night, blood of the first night, blue handkerchief, boner nochy, break, break luck, breaking luck, camel night, coitus nocturnus, darksetting, do a perpendicular, doing a perpendicular, droit du seigneur, dry off with either a his or her(s) towel, female impersonator, fille de nuit, floor show, ganzabil, have a wet dream, joy juice, jus primae noctis, M/M, night baseball, night exercise(s), night games, night job, night poacher, night trader, night-bird, night-hunter, night-snap, nockstress, noctiphobia, nocturne, nychtophobia, nyctohylophobia, nyctophobia, one-nighter, phallic decorum, right of the first night, slam-bam-thankee-ma'am, standard, stasivalence, Stonewall Uprising, The, stunt cock, trash-rack, trick day, trick night, vacation, vacationer, wall job, work the door

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