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party girl:

1. From the 1910s onward, a girl who made special appearances at private parties, often popping out of cakes or bathing in champagne .

2. A socially active woman , especially one who's main interest is attending parties; a swinger .

3. A sexually active or promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

4. A prostitute . Also in the plural for prostitutes collectively. See prostitute for synonyms.

See Also: absolute divorce, albedosynia, apartment girl, auto pimp, B-G, B-girl, babia majora, baby child, bankside lady, beach bash, beach bunny, beddies, birthday party, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, Blackout Romeo, braille party, bumps, C-girl, C-lady, calf love, call flat, can entertain, cherry-merry, chick fancier, chick-a-biddy, chick-pic, chickabiddy, chicken head, chickie, chicklet, chickybabe, chiclet, cleft underside, cliner, coddy-moddy, cooker, corephallia, corephallism, corespondent, crusher, cuddle and kiss, drag party, eirog, Elvira, escort, face on a stick, fille de joie, fille de nuit, fishtail, gay and hearty, girl-crazy, girleen, girlish, glitterbag, grope-in, group-grope, high postage, hippy-witch, hoydon, ivory pearl, karena, kiddy freak, korephile, little charmer, love a party, love to party, mackadocious, mother of pearl, nectar, ocean pearl, parthenophobia, party girl, Playboys Playmate, pom-poms, ponce off, pony, pre-woman, reel in the biscuit, rita, scab, scrag, sex bunny, sex it up, sex kitten, skinz, spinners, stag, sub-deb, tail chicken, tender chick, tenderoni, thelyflorescence, theme party, twirl, twist and twirl, val, village sing, virgin airlines, wallet girl, wallflower, Want some company?, wig party, wild baby, wild thing, wild woman, winds do whirl, work from the book, working woman, Yankee heaven, zebra'd, zimmer

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