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Or: paederast , a man who has a sexual relationship or relation, especially sodomy , with a boy . Humorously defined by Frederic Mullally in The Penthouse Sexicon (1968): ' A pedagogue specializing in backward boys .' Synonym: child-molester .

ETYMOLOGY: From the Greek paiderastes, literally, lover of boys .

See Also: Angelina, arse crawler, arseduke, ass-fuck, athenian, baby botter, back-door burglar, backwoods fiddler, bitch boy, bo, boy herder, boy-eater, boy-lover, brownie king, brunser, bum fiddler, bummer, bun-bandit, bunger, bunker, buttock climber, father-fucker, gazook, gazoony, gooser, gut-stick, jocker, jockey, paederast, pathicant, Turk, uncle, usher

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