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pediculosis pubis:

Also known as: pubic-lice / crab-lice / crabs , is caused by the Phthirus-pubis parasite (or crab louse), a small, flat-bodied, whitish-gray or brownish-red, wingless, sucking louse, infesting the hairy part of the body, mostly the pubic-hair , but occasionally the hair of the chest , armpits, eyelashes and eyebrows; it uses its claws to grab and hang on to hairs while feeding on its host's blood. Crabs are usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, but can also be transmitted through sleeping in infested bedding, wearing infested clothing, and possibly from contact with an infested toilet seat. SYMPTOMS: Mild to intense itching in the pubic or groin area, especially at night. TREATMENT: Several prescription or over-the-counter creams, lotions, or shampoos. Some of the common brands include Nix , Lice-Enz , R&C Shampoo, Kwell , and RID .

SYNONYMS: ass-mites ; body-lice ; bosom-buddies ; bosom-chums ; bosom-friends ; bugs ; cooties ; crabs ; creepers ; critters ; crotch-crickets ; crotch-critters ; crotch-monkeys ; crumb ; dibs-and-dabs (rhyming slang - crabs); dick-scropions ; gentleman's-companions ; lap-bugs ; lice ; light-troops ; love-bugs ; pant-rabbits ; papillon-d'amour (butterfly of love); pubic-visitors ; Sandy-McNabs (rhyming slang - crabs); shattis ; social-dandruff .

QUOTE: A short poem composed by Lou Perelli (Alan Arkin) and Ruben Martinez (Andy Garcia) for Judge W. Myers (David Ogden Stiers) in Steal Big, Steal Little (1995): ' May bleeding piles torment you and corns adorn your feet / And crabs as big as horse flies dig into your balls and eat / And when you're old and weary and a siphilitic wreck / May you fall through your own bottom and break your bloody neck .'

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