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phone sex:

Or: (commercial) phone sex / telephone-sex :

1. Talking dirty over the telephone for pleasure or arousal. Synonym: ear-sex .

QUOTE: From PHONE SEX - THE FAQ : ' A telephone conversation between two or more people whose object is to arouse, titillate and stimulate the caller or callers, hopefully to the point of orgasm . Some have described phone sex as guided masturbation fantasy .'

2. To call a number, as advertised in newspapers and magazines, to talk explicitly or lewdly about sex with a woman . Customers pay by credit card.

QUOTE: Charles Panati. Sexy Origins and Intimate Things (1998): ' In 1996, Americans spent between $750 million and $1 billion on telephone-sex .'

See Also: 1-2-1, 900 number, actress, aural sex, breather, call boy, call-a-date, commercial phone sex, Dial-A-Dolly-Service, ear sex, one-2-one, P/P, phone sex, striptease to go, telefag, telephone sex, telephone trade, telephoner, topless radio

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