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pictorial prostitution:

Coined by Margaret Culkin Banning in 1953 to denounce pornographic magazines.
See Also: ass business, be a pro, be a professional, be in the life, bi-trade, cheesecake, do escort work, do massage work, flesh peddling, flesh trade, fluttering her skirt, go into the streets, harlot's trade, horizontal life, in the biz, in the business, in the line, life of infamy, life of shame, love for sale, necessary evil, night job, old patrol, on the back, on the bat, on the battle, on the block, on the bottle, on the business, on the hip, on the pavement, on the turf, peddling her hips, pound the block, pussy game, sell favors, sell one's ass, sell one's back, sell one's bacon, sell one's body, sell one's butt, sell one's charms, sell one's desires, sell one's favors, sell one's flesh, sell one's hips, sexploitation, sinful commerce, soliciting, state prostitution, street-tricking, strut one's stuff, tail trading, tail-biz, trading on her bottom, tricking, turn tricks, turning tricks, work the street(s)

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