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Or: pick-up :

1. A woman regarded as easily accessible and sexually obliging. Rosalie Maggio in The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ' Never use this; it not only says that the woman is passive (she is "picked up") but it also implies (by giving her, but not her partner , a special derogaotry label) that she is the guilty party . We pay lip-service to the two-to-tango notion, but our language says that a man's actions are literally unremarkable while the woman's actions deserve a judgement .' See playgirl for synonyms.

2. A prostitute . See prostitute for synonyms.

3. To make the casual acquaintance of someone, usually in anticipation of sexual-relations .

QUOTE: Kathleen Turner disquised as an ugly bag-woman in Undercover Blues (1993): ' You know , I don't understand men. Three guys tried to pick me up tonight .'

4. A person with whom such an acquaintance is made.

QUOTE: Donald Gresham (William Holden) and Patty O'Neil (Maggie McNamara) in The Moon is Blue (1953): Don: ' You are the strangest girl ...' Patty: ' You don't know me, you picked me up .'

5. In gay terminology, a short-time sex partner , especially one willing to pay.

See Also: meatrack, pick up, pickup line, Sidewalk Suzie, swelling

Quotes Containing pickup:
Classic pickup-line : ''I love every bone in your body - especially mine.''

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