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pimp ride:

Or: pimp-mobile , an expensive and flashy car driven by a pimp that proclaims his success.

SYNONYM: cuntmobile .

See Also: a bit of mess, account executive, alcahuete, Alphonse, amaxophobia, amicus, apache, apple squire, ass broker, ass middleman, ass middlewoman, ass-seller, auto pimp, bareback, bareback rider, basis, bicycle, bike, boss player, brother-in-law, butt broker, butt middleman, butt peddler, cake pimp, candle-sconce, cap and blow, Chili chump, Chili pimp, choose(-up), chulo, chump, chump pimp, cock bawd, copping clothes, cosh-carrier, crack detail man, crop, cuntmobile, double, drive one's hos, eastman, easy rider, enforcer, faggotter, fish and shrimp, flesh broker, fresh and sweet, go-between, hard mack, hitchpussy, holemonger, hoon, Iceburg Slim, jelly bean, juice peddler, kimible, live man, love broker, mac, macgimper, mackery, macko man, magiffer, magimp, magimper, magoofer, main, main bitch, main piece, McGimp, McGimper, Mr. McGimp, nookie bookie, old lady, P.I., paddy hustler, pee-eye, pimp fronts, pimp shades, pimp tints, pimp walk, pimp-mobile, pimple, ponce, ponce off, popcorn pimp, poxed, poxy, promoter, proxenetism, proxenetist, push ponies, put (one) on the block, put (one) on the corner, rack salesman, rantipole, redingote d'Angleterre, ride, ride a rantipole, ride rantipole, ride the tubespout, ride the tubsput, riders, rides a bicycle, riding crop, rose among thorns, saddle, second oldest profession, she-pimp, showboat, silver spoon, simple pimp, sister-in-law, skirt man, skirt woman, snatch purser, sporting girl's manager, Squire of Dames, squire of the placket, stable boss, stringer, talk game, town bike, twangman, twat-faker, twat-masher, vice area, victualler, village bicycle, village bike, whoremaster general, whoremongery, wife-in-law

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