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post-surgical transsexual:

Or: postsurgical transsexual , a transsexual who has had sex (or gender) reassignment surgery (SRS or GRS). Synonym: post-operative-transsexual .
See Also: ante coitum, ball-bearing stewardess, behavioral transsexualism, big T, the, chest surgery, Copenhagen capon, Danish pastry, f2m, FtM, GIDAANT, hormonal reassignment therapy, hymenotomy, hysterectomy, MtF, non-op TS, non-operative transsexual, orchidectomy, post-op TS, post-operative transsexual, post-surgical transsexual, pre-op TS, recast male, scrotopexy, she-male, T boy, T man, tomophobia, top surgery, trancentric, trannie, tranny, tranny hawk, trans-fag, trans-testicles, transactivist, transdike, transdyke, transexual, transhomosexuality, transie, transindividual, transmale, transman, transpeople, transphobia, transsectional, transsex procedures, transy, tranz-fag, TS, Veronica's veil

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