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pound the street:

Or: pound-the-pavement / pound-the-sidewalk , to be engaged in prostitution , specifically streetwalking . See prostitution for synonyms.

2. Or: pound-the-sidewalks / pound the streets / pound a beat , to walk a police beat .

See Also: agyrophobia, aimless amy, amies, auto pimp, baggage-boy, Blackout Romeo, blue angel, bone out, brown dollars, curb crawler, doggy-do, fruitnugget, go on the batter, grump, hard-leg (whore), head cleaner, homegirl, hooker's beat, Jac blaster, jammy, jenny, jimbrowsky, Jimmy cap, Jimmy hat, K, love dust, on the turf, pimp dust, pimped down, pound, pound it, pound off, pound the pavement, pound the sidewalk, pound the street, power U, public convenience, rolling, slick and slim up the old dusty road, Special K, speciman, springer, strawberry, street trick, street-tricking, streetwalking, stroll, Stupefi, tree jumper, Vetalar, Vitamin K, walking the street(s), wall job, Want some company?, whiffenpopper, whore stroll, work from the book, work the cuts, work the street(s), working outside, XTacy, XTC

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