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red-light sister:

A prostitute . Rarely heard today. See prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: baby blue, back-alley, badge, berker, bloody red flag is up, the, blue moon, Browning sister, bub and sis, buff-light, C-light, carrot head, carrot top, cocksucker red, cunt light, dothead, fanny magnet, Freya, glimmers, glims, go down the line, kid sister, light off, light up, made up like Faust, menstruation, photophobia, poon light, red baron, red flag, the, red lighterie, red-assed, red-light, red-light house, rubies, sin-twister, siss, sistie, skin and blister, sobbyist, soror, sororal, strawberry patch, tansie's formal, time waster, Virginia Maylips, warme schwester, whore's color

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