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red-light districk:

1. Originally, an city area where houses of prostitution could be found. First recorded in 1900.

2. Today, a city area taken over by prostitution , porno theaters and bookstores, strip bars and brothels. Synonym: tenderloin .

QUOTE: Ed (George Kennedy) & Frank (Leslie Nielsen) in Naked Gun 2 . The Smell of Fear (1991):
-- Captain Ed Hocken: ' We have an address. Monique de Carlo, two-ten Belckner Street .'
-- Lt. Frank Drebin: ' That's the redlight district. I wonder why Savage is hanging out down there? '
-- Captain Ed Hocken: ' Sex, Frank? '
-- Lt. Frenk Drebin: ' No, not right now, Ed. We've got work to do '

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