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rub off:

Of a male or female, to masturbate . See masturbation for synonyms.
See Also: all day, all night, amatripsis, belly-fuck, big hug, buddy-fuck, camp it off, Chew my shorts!, dealing, Detane, dew off the lily, double jacking, dual masturbation, Eskimo kiss, flip it around, flip it off, flip off, flip oneself off, frictation, fuck off, full-service, gonk, interrupted coitus, J.O., jack-off session, Jackie, jerking iron, jerky, jump off/out at..., light up, masturbation-male, off, on, playing chopsticks, pound it, prick rag, pull off, pull oneself off, rub, saw off a chunk, saw off a piece, shoot, slow exotic, squeeze it off, squeeze off, Swedish culture, swordfighting, syntribadism, syntribate, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), titty masher, tribadance, tribology, tummy-fuck, turnpike, unass, walkout, wank stick, whack off, whank off, WOOPIE, work one's ass off, yanker, YMCA

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