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short strokes:

1. Male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

2. Or: paradise-strokes / vinegar-strokes , the final climactic thrust of the penis or on the penis before ejaculation (when copulating or masturbating).

See Also: acute, acute infection, anat, arm of love, arse cooler, B & D dyke, backy, Barnet, bastinado, batch, batty rider, beaut, beaver loop, bi community, boxers, braces, breast augs, bug, burly, butt bags, buttock-clingers, cafe curtains, chalfonts, cheek-climber, cheek-clinger, clit, CSW, cyber, DG, dilly boy, dis con, Donald, duck-butt, dyna, fam, farmers, fizz, g-g, gon, gonny, goss, half-pint, heavy crush, hook, juve, labs, les, lesb, lesbie, lesbo, lice, Mademoizook, masc, mastocontrectation, napkin, nips, non-op TS, paradise strokes, phiz, phizog, phragmie, porn, post-op TS, pre-op TS, pross, prossie, prossy, prostie, prosty, prozzy, pump handle, recky, relations, rents, riding crop, rita, rollies, romantricks, sanitary, scrot, short and curlies, short strokes, siph, skivvy, starter marriage, Stumpy, syph, sypho, tachyorthosis, three wheeler, tibiocontrectation, titillate, tocks, trich, TV training, val, vertically-challenged, vige, vinegar strokes, walker, whipped, X-dresser, X-dressing, X-legged, zack, zeps

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